Delivery & Collection Options - FAQs

Where do you deliver?

Mainland UK

Our Standard Delivery Areas serviced; covers UK Mainland (excluding Northern Ireland).


Non-Mainland UK

If you are outside our Standard Delivery Area; and wish to place an order with us to the UK Highands, Islands or Northern Ireland, our website will calculate a price and extended lead time taking into consideration your location.

We may on occasion use a specialist 3rd Party logitics company to service a Non-Mainland UK area.

Non-Mainland UK Postcodes:

  • AB37,AB38,AB44,AB45,AB53,AB54,AB55,AB56
  • BT1,BT10,BT11,BT12,BT13,BT14,BT15,BT16,BT17,BT18,BT19
  • BT2,BT20,BT21,BT22,BT23,BT24,BT25,BT26,BT27,BT28,BT29
  • BT3,BT30,BT31,BT32,BT33,BT34,BT35,BT36,BT37,BT38,BT39
  • BT4,BT40,BT41,BT42,BT43,BT44,BT45,BT46,BT47,BT48,BT49
  • BT5,BT50,BT51,BT52,BT53,BT54,BT55,BT56,BT57,BT58
  • BT6,BT60,BT61,BT62,BT63,BT64,BT65,BT66,BT67,BT68,BT69
  • BT7,BT70,BT71,BT72,BT73,BT74,BT75,BT76,BT77,BT78,BT79
  • BT8,BT80,BT81,BT82,BT9,BT92,BT93,BT94
  • CA18,CA19,CA20,CA21,CA22,CA23,CA24,CA25,CA26,CA27
  • FK18,FK19
  • HS1,HS2,HS3,HS4,HS5,HS6,HS7,HS8,HS9
  • IM1,IM2,IM3,IM4,IM5,IM6,IM7,IM8,IM86,IM87,IM9,IM98,IM99
  • IOM
  • IV1,IV10,IV11,IV12,IV13,IV14,IV15,IV16,IV17,IV18,IV19
  • IV2,IV20,IV21,IV22,IV23,IV24,IV25,IV26,IV27,IV28
  • IV3,IV30,IV31,IV32,IV36
  • IV4,IV40,IV41,IV42,IV43,IV44,IV45,IV46,IV47,IV48,IV49
  • IV5,IV51,IV52,IV53,IV54,IV55,IV56,IV6,IV63,IV7,IV8,IV9
  • KA27,KA28
  • KW1,KW10,KW11,KW12,KW13,KW14,KW15,KW16,KW17
  • KW2,KW3,KW4,KW5,KW6,KW7,KW8,KW9
  • LA15,LA16,LA17,LA18,LA19,LA20,LA21,LA22,LA23
  • PA20,PA21,PA22,PA23,PA24,PA25,PA26,PA27,PA28,PA29
  • PA30,PA31,PA32,PA33,PA34,PA35,PA36,PA37,PA38
  • PA40,PA41,PA42,PA43,PA44,PA45,PA46,PA47,PA48,PA49
  • PA60,PA61,PA62,PA63,PA64,PA65,PA66,PA67,PA68,PA69
  • PA70,PA71,PA72,PA73,PA74,PA75,PA76,PA77,PA78
  • PA87,PA88
  • PH17,PH18,PH19
  • PH20,PH21,PH22,PH23,PH24,PH25,PH26
  • PH30,PH31,PH32,PH33,PH34,PH35,PH36,PH37,PH38,PH39
  • PH40,PH41,PH42,PH43,PH44,PH49,PH50
  • PO30,PO31,PO32,PO33,PO34,PO35,PO36,PO37,PO38,PO39
  • PO40,PO41
  • TR21,TR22,TR23,TR24,TR25
  • ZE1,ZE2,ZE3
How much is delivery?

We have a standard UK Mainland Delivery charge for our White Glove Delivery service priced at £79.

How long is delivery?

All of the products on our website will display a standard lead time for Made to Order or Supplied to Order items; calculated in weeks.

A typical lead time for British Upholstery; which the vast majority of our collections are, would be 8-10 weeks depending on the time of year.

This is an approximate guideline and may vary upto 4 weeks due to the approximate nature of specialist bespoke furniture.

If an item is displays as instock however; this is available for immediate home delivery or click and collect from 1 of our locations.

Can I collect?

Free collection is available on all products - please call to arrange for larger items.

Call for Details  01200 404404

Can I change my delivery address?

If you need to amend your Delivery Address please contact us as early as possible; preferably no later than 7-days before your Delivery date.

Depending on your payment method; we may need to take upto 2 forms of ID.

To avoid any errors; we will require a Change of Address form to be completed.

Please contact our Customer Services team on 01254 304070 who can help arrange your change of address and discuss the next steps.

How quickly do I need to accept my delivery?

When your Products are ready for delivery, we will contact you to arrange to deliver them as quickly as possible; usually within 7 days of arriving into our Distribution Centre

We understand though; especially when moving home that dates can change and we aim to be as flexible as possible.

If you are aware that you may struggle to accept your delivery immedately; please contact us as soon as you know and we can agree a temporary arrangement with you.

Long-term storage however; where we are unable to arrange a delivery date with you within 28 days of receipt; can carry a weekly charge to hold your goods in storage.

So we can help and attempt to avoid any storage charges, please call our Customer Services team on 01254 304070

What happens on delivery day?

On the day of delivery, please ensure our delivery team have easy access to your Product; and the room of choice and the walkway to that room is clear of obstructions and safe for our delivery team to work in.

We need you to inform us of any special factors to form part of your Order Confirmation that may result in your delivery being more costly and/or taking longer than it would otherwise be expected; such as parking restrictions.

If these have not been noted yet, please contact the Customer Services team to discuss them on 01254 304070

If we are unable to deliver your order due to access problems at the address, the Products would not fit into the room you intended them to go into, the delivery proved unsafe (eg. Breach of Health & Safety legislation), or unlawful (trespass or there was no one present at the delivery address aged 18+ with authority to sign for the delivery of the Products) we may need to bring to goods back to our Distribution Centre and re-arrange delivery with you.

We always want your delivery to go into your room of choice; safely and swiftly the 1st time, but if we have to re-deliver due to any of the issue's above we may need to impose a re-delivery charge of £99.

I am not going to be in, who can accept delivery?

We understand emergencies may arise; but if you have placed an order and made arrangements for someone else ito accept delivery on your behalf they need to be at least 18 years old.

If no-one is available to accept delivery however; or there is not a person of at least 18 years old available to sign for the products; your Order will be returned to our Distribution Centre.

As we schedule our delivery routes upto 2 weeks in advance; a re-delivery charge of £99 will become due.